4 Instagram Trends to Watch for in 2022

New year, new Instagram trends? Tell me more! At the forefront of social media since 2010, Instagram has become not only a staple in our phones’ app libraries but also in our everyday lives. With more than 2 billion active users this fall, the social media giant’s popularity is projected to grow to even greater heights over the coming year. Hoffmann Murtaugh has the exclusive insights every social media marketer needs to know about the Instagram trend forecast for 2022.


Get Ready For A Ride On The Carousel, The Latest Instagram Trend!

Instagram users rejoice in knowing that their ‘weekly photo dumps’ aren’t going anywhere in 2022! While the emerging Instagram trend of sharing a user’s top 10 photos to summarize their week is typically for fun, the feature also can positively impact a brand’s marketing strategy. With more content for Instagram users to scroll through and engage within a carousel, consumers are spending more time looking at a brand’s post, and ultimately, at a brand’s Instagram page overall. Plan on seeing more tailored, curated Instagram carousel posts as we head into the new year.


Enhanced Instagram Shopping User Experience

Whether avoidance of COVID-19 pandemic surges or new habits that have been formed, online shopping is huge. In fact, 54 percent of consumers prefer to shop online. Expect Instagram Shopping to take off in 2022 as more brands become acquainted with the digital storefront feature. Seamlessly and organically integrated within the app, Instagram takes consumers through the entire purchasing experience. Businesses can maximize their sales to broader audiences by exploring all Instagram Shopping has to offer in 2022.


The Continued Rise Of Influencer Marketing

Have you purchased a product from someone’s Instagram recommendation? Instagram has been a pioneer in providing a platform for users to follow people whose lifestyles, fashion, fitness, advice, piques their interest and inspiration. As social media influencers gain traction and develop their own communities on Instagram, brands are taking notice. Brands need to start investing in paid partnerships with Instagram users relevant to their target audience. 2022 will expose the full potential of influencers (of all account sizes) in amplifying a brand’s social media marketing efforts.


Gen Z Has Entered The Chat

Speaking of influence—let’s talk about some of the youngest Instagram users driving the incoming trends to fleeting success. Making up approximately 20 percent of the population, Generation Z (those born between 1997-2012) Instagram users have utilized many of the social media network’s unique features to share creative, engaging content with friends, families, and classmates. In a current world of remote learning and limited social gatherings, Instagram allows Gen Z to make up fun dances on Reels, share their music favorites on Stories, and thrifted finds from Shopping. Not only does this generation make use of Instagram’s capabilities, but Gen Z also sparks a conversation for social change. These young users encourage their favorite brands to stand up for causes that matter most to them. Don’t underestimate the power of Gen Z and how they will reshape the narrative on brands on Instagram in 2022.

Which Instagram trend from 2021 was your favorite? What feature are you most looking forward to utilizing for your marketing strategy in 2022? Hoffmann Murtaugh anticipates another successful year spent amplifying media plans and keeping fellow brands in the know of emerging trends.