Integrated Media Planning

Sometimes to start at the beginning you have to start at the end. Before we develop a media strategy we ask – “How will we know we were successful”?

The goals and challenges of each client are unique, each requiring a customized media strategy. Our team will map out a robust, holistic, and results driven strategic media plan recommendation based on research and insights gathered in the initial stages of the planning process. 

We let our client’s objectives guide different use of tactics in our media plans. This may include awareness, engagement, lead generation and/or conversion. At Hoffmann Murtaugh, we fully integrate all considerations to create the ideal customized plan for each and every client.

With strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all.  Through a lens that must combine perspectives from both media and client industries, we have developed a wide variety of media plans. Some of our media plans are for large advertising clients who have dominant share of voice in their respective categories and are overall top spenders in their markets. Other clients come with smaller budgets, challenging us to find creative ways to make the most of their investments and amplify their strategy.

Hoffmann Murtaugh’s integrated approach ensures all media channels are evaluated. Whether they are traditional, digital, emerging, mass or hyperlocal tactics, we often use a combination as today’s media landscape continues to blur the lines between mediums.  Different age groups consume media very differently, therefore our strategic media plans are structured to ensure delivery against each audience. 

Our clients’ businesses do not stand still and neither do our media plans. Our media strategy is ever changing, and we continually adjust our media activity to capitalize on new data and results. The rapid rate of change in consumer behavior and technology in the media industry requires flexibility and continuous learning to best understand the growing demands and trends.  As avid trendwatchers, we are able to anticipate changes in media consumption behavior that might impact our media strategy and activations. We take a scientific approach to examining the results of historical media executions to learn from our efforts.