Integrated Media Buying & Activation

Once a plan is developed, we enter the exciting part of our journey – activation! This is where we see your plans come to life. We have a team of in-house digital, traditional, and integrated specialists that follow best practices, optimize campaigns, and offer expert insights to ensure success for every campaign. 

Our team is passionate about helping clients wade through the complexities of media to discover clear wins to help prove media is reaching the target and driving desired actions. Our goal is and always has been to help your budgets work smarter, not harder. We don’t just aim to improve campaigns but to help them excel and exceed expectations.

Our competitive advantage is our strong team of experts that we have in both the traditional and digital space (& some of them even do both). We operate at the forefront of this dynamic industry ensuring our clients benefit from our expertise.  Our team consists of industry leaders in the traditional, digital, emerging, mass, and hyperlocal tactic spaces. In fact, we’re writing the playbook on how to use a combination of these tactics as more options become available and today’s media landscape continues to blur the lines between mediums. Our nimbleness allows our team to keep a pulse on your campaigns and quickly shift when change is needed or new opportunities emerge. 

Our approach to TV buying goes beyond reach and frequency metrics. We incorporate high impact scheduling techniques and tactics that maximize visibility and high-profile placements in appointment programming to deliver mass reach across demographics.
For marketers who want to stretch their brand messaging beyond the traditional local DMA level, we offer services for national television. We work with network and cable national partners to run strategic data-driven campaigns to ensure impressions translate into results. 
We activate multicultural campaigns across all mediums throughout the country. Beyond digital platforms, we have long standing relationships with multicultural stations including Univision, Telemundo, and Azteca. 
Utilizing CTV/OTT reveals an opportunity to reach new and unique audiences by extending reach to audiences who do not consume media through traditional platforms. Targeting capabilities such as light TV viewers or competitive conquesting allow us to reach consumers anywhere they watch shows. With high completion rates and an ever-growing audience, CTV/OTT advertising offers endless possibilities.
Digital video allows us to reach our audiences across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices when they stream video content across platforms. Utilizing pre-roll and mid-roll placements allows us to reach our audience when they are engaging with content. Skippable and non-skippable inventory allows for multiple ad lengths that gets our message in front of the right audience at the right time.
For marketers that want to take a traditional mass medium approach, keeping CPPs and CPMs low, radio is a cost-effective solution. We run campaigns in MSAs across the county as well as non-metro radio for clients with niche target areas. 
Like digital video, streaming audio allows us to reach our audiences across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. Inventory is non-skippable and reaches our audience in between music and various types of audio entertainment.
Podcast specific placements have become increasingly popular as younger audiences continue to drive the audio boom. The increase in scale gives marketers the opportunity to run placements programmatically or in specific genres using refined targeting.
We incorporate custom programming integrations such as snipes as an opportunity for clients to get their message out in a different way. We work with our partners to create unique opportunities to showcase our clients.
We negotiate local sports packages and official sponsorships with NFL, NHL and MLB teams. Our partnerships with these organizations and others help us maximize an amplified approach integrating traditional and digital tactics.
We help build brand awareness through on-site community events. These events extend campaign reach and serve as a great way for clients to share information, engage with potential leads, and offer incentives to collect contact information as well as show community support while gaining exposure to the brand
For special events such as grand openings and special sales, radio remotes are a great way to tie into the community and integrate with local radio stations. 
Programmatic advertising allows us to target our audience no matter where they consume media. With targeting options including first-and third-party data, programmatic buying utilizes insights and algorithms to serve ads to the right user at the right time at the most efficient price. The buying model is auction-based, and each impression is evaluated and bid (or passed) on in real time.
Purchasing placements directly within sites allows us to reach consumers where we know they are consuming media. By leveraging their audiences, we can explore video options such as pre-and mid-roll placements, display run of site (ROS) and homepage takeovers.
Digital display can target users with banner ads across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices via websites and apps. Display ads are clickable so response can be measured and used to optimize towards the most engaged audiences.
Native advertising allows clients to provide informational and educational long-from content to consumers while simultaneously generating brand awareness. Native ads can appear in multiple formats such as image and video. These types of ads feel authentic in nature, so your message can educate/inform without being too forceful.
Social media advertising reaches consumers of all demographics as all ages and genders are using multiple platforms daily. Each platform is uniquely designed to reach the audience by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Our experienced in-house buyers take a unique approach to every social campaign by utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest to ensure the ideal audience is reached based on the goals of the campaign. With ad units including video and image and extensive targeting options, social media allows you to efficiently reach the right audience no matter what the objective of the campaign is.
Paid search works in all phases of the funnel by providing awareness, engagement, and conversion opportunities. Awareness is generated by utilizing non-brand keywords to bring a brand into the consideration set and driving clicks to the site. Branded keywords are used to maximize space on the search results page and keep competitors from stealing any mindshare. Keyword and audience targeting allow for campaigns to be as broad or specific as desired while driving the strongest results possible.
Our traditional and digital experts pride themselves on staying up to date on trends and keeping informed on the ever-changing media industry. Whether it is navigating a cookie less environment or IOS updates, we are sure to keep our clients informed of changes in the industry and optimize campaigns accordingly.  
To ensure every campaign is performing as strongly as possible, we utilize a test and learn strategy. A/B testing allows us to use data that leads to informed decisions and provides insights into how campaigns should evolve in the future.
Strategy is key as we work closely with our clients to define campaign goals within Outdoor media. Pairing local market research with our expert knowledge of the space, we evaluate the quality of all Outdoor media types (Digital, Traditional, Lifestyle, Guerrilla Marketing, etc.) to recommend the most premium locations and placements based on our client’s needs. 
Research and market knowledge are key to a great print campaign. Our print strategy looks at media consumption of the target audience along with publication data to find the right fit for each campaign. Our expert buyers have experience with both local and national publications including newspaper, magazine and insert advertising. 
Direct Mail can add a layer of personalization to a media campaign that generates response. When using Direct Mail in an integrated marketing campaign, we have seen amazing results. The Hoffmann Murtaugh team is well versed with Direct Mail strategy and can work on drop schedules, testing scenarios, List procurement as well as provide insight into the best mail houses for production. 
Email, like direct mail, can add a layer of personalized touch to an integrated campaign. The Hoffmann Murtaugh team are experts at creating responsive email strategy and testing all while providing quality control measures to ensure your campaigns are activated seamlessly. We are also able to procure lists that will engage a variety of targets.