Analytics & Data Measurement

One question we get a lot from clients is, “How will we know we were successful?” Well, that’s where analytics and data measurement comes in!

Hoffmann Murtaugh connects the dots between media strategy, execution, optimization, and outcomes. We identify and monitor the key metrics that affect the success of our clients’ business. We can will look at things like:

  • Audience persona insights
    • Customer demographics: age, gender, household income, city, zip code, lifestyle
    • Customer feedback and motivations
    • Media consumption habits and preferences: Time spent with different media, usage of specific stations, websites, platforms
  • Media measurement
    • Impressions, reach, frequency
    • Web analytics
    • Social and digital media engagement
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Year-over-year marketing spend
    • Year-over-year business performance
    • Delivery on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like brand awareness, engagement, conversion.

By taking a look under the hood at your analytics, we can make educated decisions on the best course of action for your business instead of taking a guess.

We also create custom reporting dashboards for each client based on the established criteria to provide ongoing benchmarking, insights, and actionable recommendations.

Check out our blog to learn even more about what analytics and data measurement can do for you.