Measurement & Reporting

A question that we are frequently asked is, “When a campaign comes to an end, how will we know we were successful?”. That’s where analytics & data measurement comes in! We continually stress how important it is to develop a measurement framework from the beginning. We not only look at individual campaign metrics, but have the capabilities to bring all of the analytics together (even if we aren’t the ones running the media) to get the Proven Picture through custom reporting dashboards. By taking this in-depth look, we can make educated decisions on the next steps, provide actionable recommendations, and optimize tactics for future campaigns.

We know this is important to show all stakeholders a united, provable, and demonstrable return on investment, so we develop innovative, customized reporting that can pull all the media together, monitoring and optimizing our findings to ensure your campaign’s success. Essentially, we are experts in connecting the dots between strategy, execution, optimization, and outcomes.

To top it off, we have some of the best reporting and analytics specialists in the industry. This combination provides a well-rounded team to serve and support all media channels from immersion and discovery through reporting and measurement.