Group 66

Media Research & Insights

Knowledge is power, but data is the force. With the overwhelming amount of data that we have access to today, it can be challenging to determine what data to use, how to use it, and when to use it. At Hoffmann Murtaugh, we have the capability to identify relevant insights that drive key elements of the media strategy.

With experience in customized analysis of client data, we guide you through the process of utilizing first-party data to help reach and maximize new and relevant audiences, build direct relationships with them, and provide ways to continue to nurture and personalize that relationship. We help you make sense of this abundance of information, mining your existing data sources, and then layering on second-/third-party data to reveal actionable insights.

With all the focus on pivoting to a first-party data strategy with the demise of third-party cookies, it has never been more important to prove your ROI. For many brands, paid media is a significant investment and it’s imperative to prove it works to invested stakeholders. The growing demand for customer privacy challenges marketers to find new solutions to deliver effective, relevant messages to each target audience. As the data landscape shifts, we empower our clients to create more purposeful and insight-driven campaigns for a better return on investment. We keep a constant pulse on changes in the industry and solutions for delivering impactful campaigns.

Using everything we have learned thus far, our media planners are ready to work on a holistic and custom strategic media plan. Our clients’ businesses don’t stay stagnant, and neither do our media plans. Our media strategy is ever-changing, and we continually adjust our media activity to capitalize on new data and results.