Group 66

Media Research & Insights

Knowledge is power, but data is the force. With the overwhelming amount of data we have access to today, it can be difficult to determine what data to use, how to use it, and when to use it.  We help clients make sense of this abundance of information, mining their existing data sources and then layering on second-/third-party data to reveal actionable insights. 

First-, second-, and third-party data further refines targets, markets, timing, media types, and messaging. First-party data includes information collected about existing customers or leads from a CRM system, intake system, Google Analytics, or subscriber list. Second-party data encompasses all of first-party data, just collected by someone else. Third-party data is collected, aggregated, and shared for broad usage using various methods including surveys, interviews, or passive data collection.

With experience in customized analyses of client data, we have the capability to identify relevant insights that drive key elements of the media strategy, including budget allocations to maximize reach against distinct targets and markets.  We have delivered customized research projects for clients in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, banking, education, legal, retail, and others. 

The media industry has experienced significant change over time, continuously evolving with the adoption of advancing technology and changes in lifestyles.  As avid trendwatchers, we are able to anticipate changes in media consumption behavior that might impact our media strategy and activations.  We use a critical eye to examine the scale and potential of new opportunities as they emerge, making sure we are moving into new areas at the right time, for the right audiences, and in the right environment that is both safe and effective for our clients. 

We use research, insights, and tools that:

    • Help execute PR campaigns by providing up to date media outlet and contact lists, offer targeting tools to reach the right journalists and influencers for a campaign, and assist with distribution of releases and information.
    • Showcase competitive spending in every market, both locally and nationally
    • Provide local survey data to analyze demographics and media consumption in every measured market
    • Provide TV and radio cost benchmarking
    • Report TV and radio ratings in every measured market
    • Utilize media buying software for evaluation, ordering, billing, and invoice reconciliation.
    • Connect social platforms to reporting suite to combine in-platform metrics.
    • Integrate data and visualize performance in one cohesive report including traditional and digital platform metrics, Google Analytics, and client response data
    • Track and attribute television response to provide a clearer picture of campaign performance and optimization opportunities