Media Immersion & Discovery

We host immersion collaborations with our clients to create a space for mutual discovery. For a strong foundation to form, we believe this alignment during the immersion and discovery phase is essential to always support your best interests. We inquire, listen, collaborate, respect, and above all, value forming personalized relationships. We strive to bond our media industry expertise with your industry expertise, and with that, we take on the mission together. Essentially, this is the part of the process where we become friends.

Hoffmann Murtaugh uses a proven process to guarantee a seamless client experience, clearly connecting media strategy, execution, optimization, and outcomes. We know that each client’s goals and opportunities are unique, therefore our process always begins with gaining a deep understanding of each brand’s objectives, strengths, challenges, positioning, success metrics, and other unique considerations like regulations. We uncover relevant insights that lay the groundwork for successful media strategies.

We know that business stakeholders need a united, demonstrable ROI for their media spend. So, we see it as our ultimate responsibility to discover new opportunities that leverage our clients’ data and deliver insights. We develop the structure that needs to be in place before campaigns launch to measure meaningful metrics to show results.