Media Immersion & Discovery

At Hoffmann Murtaugh, we strive to be an extension of our client’s team.  We know that each client’s goals and opportunities are unique, therefore our process launches with an immersion and discovery phase to uncover insights that will lay the groundwork for a successful media strategy. It is important that we have a solid understanding of the category, business, and brand including goals, objectives, strengths, challenges, positioning, success metrics, and regulations.  We host immersion sessions with our clients to create a forum for mutual discovery. During these sessions, our clients learn new opportunities about how to leverage their data and insights while we structure, enrich, and apply the information to best suit their needs. 

To best identify the most appropriate tactics and placements, we start developing measurement plans early on in the process, ensuring campaigns support established objectives and are set up to report back on results.

By integrating efforts grounded in data and research, we optimize time and resources, laying solid groundwork for successful campaigns to achieve the client’s goals.

The ongoing process of Media Immersion and Discovery leads us into the Media Research & Insights phase.