Recently, one of our team members posed an interesting question: If we weren’t all marketing nerds, what would we be doing for work instead? Here’s what the team had to say:

Olyvia DiDiano, Social Media Strategist: Voice actress for Disney movies

Alison Cundy, Senior Media Planner: Travel blogger

Amanda Wetick, Senior Integrated Buyer: Producer for The Real Housewives

Jill McNair, Associate Media Director: SNL cast member

Lauren Murphy, Media Buyer: Veterinarian

Anastasia Otto, Assistant Media Planner: International DJ or TV host

Sierra McConnell, Content Marketing Strategist: Pastry chef or soap opera writer

Karl Christmann, Senior Digital Media Planner/Buyer: Professional football player or FBI agent



Adele Lawhead, Controller: Veterinarian or MD

Annabelle McGee, AP/AR Specialist: President

Kendra Scales, Media Supervisor: Bakery Proprietor

Katie Mull, Associate Director of Digital Media and Analytics: Beachfront restaurant owner

Melissa Kelly, Strategic Media & Communications Planner: Author, motivational speaker, or singer/songwriter (even though I can’t sing!)

Melissa Wilson, Associate Director of Media Activation: Yoga Instructor

Jeff Louis, Senior Search Engine Marketing Manager: Pastor or writer.

Aimee Brown, Media Director: True crime podcaster

Shea Murtaugh, President: Movie producer