How Does Twitter Influence PR?

Many brands recognize the importance of using social media to leverage marketing strategies, especially in today’s digital age. Social media is used to communicate to the masses in real-time, connecting with larger audiences than were ever thought imaginable. Last year, Twitter was used daily by nearly 200 million users and is instrumental in showing how social media platforms can deliver a great impact on a brand’s communication strategy.


Twitter and PR? Where Is The Correlation?

Twitter connects industries and professionals with their audience on a global scale. Connecting with your audience on Twitter opens the door for mutually beneficial relationships down the line. 

Building these meaningful relationships can not only increase brand loyalty, engagement, and awareness but also improve rapport with journalists pertinent to your brand’s industry. It’s never been easier to pitch a story than simply direct messaging a relevant journalist on Twitter. By looking at the journalist’s Twitter profile, you can learn so much about their reporting style, what interests them, and how often they interact with the platform. Researching your journalist before a media pitch is important, and Twitter helps to fill that need.

Twitter keeps brands at the forefront of conversations. Brands can not only dictate the conversation by following relevant hashtags and trending topics but add to it as well! The conversational and casual use of the app brings authenticity to a brand’s social media presence.

In times of a PR crisis, Twitter helps address issues in real-time, allowing the brand to show transparency and take accountability in front of its audience. Tweets can also act as a statement or press release that the media may pick up and use within their story. 

Twitter is or at least should be a PR professional’s secret weapon. The social media platform has the capabilities to strengthen a PR strategy that will positively contribute to the overall success of a business.


How To Implement Twitter Into Your Brand’s PR Strategy

1. Get Tweeting!

Whether it’s sharing the latest product launch or trend, tweeting will drive your target audience to engage with your brand digitally.

2. Contribute to the conversation.

Retweet, quote tweet, like, and reply. These are some of the features you can start using to find where your brand fits in the Twitterverse. Interact with the people who matter most to your business, and see the relationships begin to form.

3. Consistency Is KEY.

Now that you’re using Twitter more often, keep it up. Share engaging, exciting content regularly that will keep your brand at the top of the user’s timeline. Be sure to use the ‘Schedule Send’ feature to plan out your Twitter strategy every so often.

4. Use Twitter In Conjunction With Other Social Media Platforms.

Twitter is well suited to drive a PR strategy, but the strategy can be strengthened when a brand’s digital presence is across several social media platforms. Go where your consumers and target audiences are to increase brand awareness and engagement.

PR strategy is centered around good communication. Twitter is an excellent vehicle and messenger to enhance the communication and relationship building between a brand and its target audience. Twitter is changing the way brands interact with their consumers, investors, and even journalists. It is a cost-effective way to add depth and quality to your next PR and marketing strategies. Happy Tweeting!