How to Best Communicate Your Brand in 2021

Communicate Your Brand

The unprecedented times of 2020 turned our world and the way we receive information upside down. With the flick of a switch, our society became reliant solely on digital mediums to communicate with one another while staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Whether it was to disseminate updated information and guidances of stay-at-home orders or hopping on a Teams call with your colleagues to create a safe, strategic work from home plan, communicating digitally took center stage, revealing the need for brands and businesses to reevaluate their own communication strategies to meet the ever-changing digital media landscape. Here are a few insights to best communicate your brand in today’s digital world.

1. Welcome changes (both good and bad!) with open arms.

The global pandemic was a great test in the resiliency of brands, businesses, and people to take a challenge and turn it into a positive change or an opportunity. Not only did the media landscape, and society at large, face a plethora of change that created challenges, but also revealed opportunities as a result. As a brand, you must adapt to whatever changes may be thrown your way. In order to be successful in your response to change, you must strengthen your communication plans and keep an open mind. When you begin to shift your mindset in how your brand/business views change, you allow yourself to reflect and determine where improvement is needed in your brand’s communication strategies. This introspection will further lead to your brand’s success while showing your audiences that change won’t waver your brand’s commitment to staying engaged and connected with its audiences.

2. Humanize the brand and advocate for your audiences.

Integrate social causes your brand and audience care about into your next communication strategy. Prioritizing corporate social responsibility and finding your brand’s stances on social justice issues provides an opportunity to connect even further and develop another layer of authenticity to your relationship with your audiences. Values and mission-based organizations are the way of the future for the brand, its team members, and its customers. Having values that resonate with your audience and voicing what your brand believes in humanizes your business in the way it communicates and is perceived.

3. Communicate when and where it is right for who you are targeting.

Surveying and analyzing targeted audiences is crucial in the initial phases of communication strategy planning to make your content worthwhile. Consumers are engaging and communicating on social media platforms now more than ever. There is an overwhelming need for content to satisfy consumers and make them feel included in the experience of a brand and its digital conversation. Knowing basic demographic and behavioral information of your consumers provides an opportunity to make the most of a brand’s social engagement. Do not waste your time and resources on a platform or medium that your audience doesn’t prefer to use! Knowing where, when, and how your targeted audience uses social media and communicates in the digital era will lay the framework for a successful communications plan.

4. Create a sense of consistency that reflects your brand’s purpose.

Now that you’ve done your research and know exactly who you’re communicating with, make sure your brand is consistent! Creating an impactful brand presence on social media platforms can be hard and new for some businesses. A major factor in the success of a brand’s digital communication strategies is its ability to tailor its messaging for each platform and audience it engages with. For a brand, it is imperative that all audiences have the best experience possible when interacting digitally. In order to replicate that authentic brand experience across platforms, consistency is necessary. Consistency gives your audiences something to look forward to. It also keeps them coming back wanting more positive experiences with your brands via social media.

5. Prioritize the relationship building and the reward will come.

As you would with an old friend, be engaging, thoughtful, and exciting! The relationship between a brand and its audience is a special one as it creates a sense of trust, dependability, and authenticity. When you foster a relationship while creating relevant, engaging content, your audiences will follow suit and contribute to the digital conversation. Relationships are a two-way street, so it is imperative for your brand to talk WITH your audience, not at them. Communication is essential to any beneficial relationship in order to further the success of a brand.

Looking back at pre-pandemic communications is essential to learn where the digital landscape came from and where it is headed in the future. Yes, 2020 changed a lot for the entire world, however, taking the time and utilizing the resources necessary to learn how to move forward and meet the demand of consumers in a digitally-driven society is key to ensure your business is ahead of the ever-changing communications curve and optimizing audience engagement.