by Jill McNair

A middle aged black man and white woman side-by-side on a video call

You’re sick of hearing it by now, surely, but these are crazy times. Things have changed so rapidly and it’s hard to even remember what it was like in the “before time.” One thing that hasn’t changed, though? Sales and marketing goals still need to be met and (more importantly) client and prospective relationships need to be nurtured. While we can no longer rely on grabbing a coffee with a client as a way to grow those relationships, we do have several ways to use technology to help bridge the gap and allow us to interact with our B2B clients, colleagues, and prospects without skipping a beat. 

Below are some thoughts on how to keep sales momentum while social distancing with B2B clients: 

Virtual Events

Hosting virtual events or participating in virtual conferences are a great way to show thought leadership while also hitting your key targets. You speak to your existing audience and build a new following while giving attendees relevant information in your vertical. There are a lot of industry specific organizations that can provide content if you do not have time to create your own. Sponsoring an event will bring name recognition and brand awareness, which is money well spent.

PESO Model

Make sure your marketing efforts include Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media. Taking the time to ensure your website, blogs and social media accounts are up to date and aligning the messaging with your paid media will help amplify your message and get to your targets. 

Pick Up The Phone

All of us are spending more time at home and may still be working mainly remotely. Sometimes a simple phone call to the prospect list you are nurturing to check in can help build the rapport needed to generate trust and gain a new client. It is also a great exercise to see if there are individuals or companies in the Rolodex that may need to be purged.

Test New Marketing Tactics 

Even in “normal times,” marketers must constantly be on the forefront of new technology and tactics and not be afraid to fail. The pandemic has made all of us change the way we are socializing and consuming media, which gives us an excellent opportunity to be testing and learning even more to see if our tactics resonate with our targets. 

Launch a Branding Media Campaign

Just turn on the TV and you will see B2B mass media campaigns. The number of B2B brands advertising in mass media continues to grow since COVID hit as a way to connect to customers when we are limited in our in person interactions. More and more B2B companies are getting into the paid media game like their B2C counterparts. How do you give your salespeople the right tools to sell when no one even knows your name? To start, getting familiar with both B2B and B2C marketing strategies will be helpful. HubSpot has a really easy to follow guide to B2B marketing vs B2C in 2020.

Hoffmann Murtaugh can also be a guide for you! We are seasoned B2B professionals and have been launching B2B branding campaigns locally, regionally, and nationally for our clients for years. We would love to have a virtual latte and chat with you on your B2B marketing efforts.