Our Biggest Lessons Learned in 2020

What a year, right? None of us could have guessed the craziness we were about to get ourselves into last December, but here we are. We’ve made it. And we’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. We recently were discussing as a team what our biggest lessons of 2020 were and thought we’d share them with you. Here’s to a hopefully uneventful 2021!

  • That I can adapt to pretty much anything. – Lauren Murphy
  • That I was right all along in creating a company and team that is fully digital and remote, with shared office workspace to use if needed. – Shea Murtaugh
  • I learned that hard times bring out the best or worst of people, depending on their attitude, so it’s better to have a positive outlook on life! – Sydney Roberts
  • Who you choose to build a home with, both humans and animals, is very important to happiness. – Aimee Brown
  • I learned to slow down and enjoy the small moments in life. – Katie Mull
  • That my house is too small. – Kendra Scales
  • I’ve learned not to take anything for granted, hold grudges, or sweat the small stuff. In one single second, your life can change. You could lose a loved one, lose your job, lose the joy of simple human contact. Life is too short for negative energy. – Melissa Wilson
  • This too shall pass. – Olyvia DiDiano
  • It doesn’t take much to put the entire world into chaos. And masks are sweaty. – Jeff Louis
  • That I like to eat to pass time. – Karl Christmann
  • You never know when there’s going to be another toilet paper shortage. Buy a bidet. – Sierra McConnell
  • Having a sense of humor is a superpower. And the time we have together is precious. I appreciate all the in-person contact I had before the pandemic and look forward to seeing friends, family, and coworkers outside of Zoom calls when this is over! – Jill McNair
  • I no longer need to listen to the weather or traffic report. – Annabelle McGee
  • You can, in fact, plan a wedding within a week. And to appreciate everything that I have and to focus on the positive. – Christina Bellissimo
  • I learned it’s important to look at the big picture instead of getting weighed down by the small worries. – Amanda Wetick
  • Mine is that my house is too small too, moms truly can do it all, and don’t take time with your loved ones for granted! – Melissa Kelly