Will A Podcast Help Boost My Brand?

“Audio blogging” has come a long way since the 1980s, when podcasting truly began. Within the last five years, podcasting has grown from media personalities, politicians, and big-name brands to micro-influencers, local businesses, and, most likely, your next-door neighbor. The rise of podcasts has shown the world that there is a show out there for any topic, any listener, and any host. So long as you have an idea, someone will want to know about it – and you can use that to your advantage to grow your brand. Now, how do you break through the noise, and will it even work?

The best way for listeners to get to know you on a deeper level is to consistently post podcast episodes. This platform not only starts and builds upon that initial connection with your audience, but it can create brand loyalty as well. The average consumer wants to feel like they know you, and feel connected to your show and your message. It’s the same pathos behind you tuning into your favorite radio show – the host lets you in, and you feel like you know them – from the content that is shared down to the emotion that’s naturally communicated in your voice – it engages the listener, and allows them to feel that they are listening to an acquaintance or friend. Your conversion rates will thank you! 

Podcasts can also get further conversations going! The more content you generate, and the more you cross-promote on your social channels, website, and via email, the higher the chance of engagement with your audience – and not just any engagement, but REAL conversations with people who are interested and curious about you and what you have to say. A good podcast can elevate your brand and gain quality followers who are paying attention to you, not simply following you to scroll past your posts.

Podcasting is an easy and cost-effective way to build your brand and revenue. You can even consider adding a sponsor to your podcast to incorporate a client or business that is a fan of the show and wants to partner on the project. In this case, they may also want to preview content ahead of time, which is something to consider.

Multitasking is now the way people operate, so use it to your business’s advantage! Reach and market to your audience while they’re driving, out for a run, cooking, cleaning, etc. People are always on the go, but they’re also always connected and “on.” Podcasting will allow you to utilize this phenomenon to grow your brand – it will be energizing for your audience, and hopefully fun for you, too!


How To Incorporate A Podcast Into Your PR Strategy


Pinpoint your topic – and pick a name!

Brainstorm with your team a topic that is specific to your brand and output, but keep it general! The broader the topic, the more opportunities there are for subtopics and episodes, even series!


Plan your first three to five episodes.

What will your content focus on? When will you invite guests, and who would you invite? Clients, peers, coworkers? Some of the answers to these questions come more naturally as the podcast develops, but planning your first few episodes out in advance will help you see what works, what doesn’t, and where you want to go.


Get your equipment, and find a hosting service.

Whether you opt for more expensive microphones on the market or prefer a budget-friendly option, which is easy to find and quite popular, find the mics and recording equipment that is right for you and those operating the equipment the most. Minor editing may be necessary, but you don’t need a high-level producer or knowledge of audio equipment to put out a quality podcast. 


Be consistent.

Consistent posting of episodes is crucial to gaining momentum and followers. It may be a slow start, but half the fun of podcasts from a consumer standpoint is the arsenal of content awaiting them once they discover the pod! Don’t let the slow and steady beginning deter you – stay the course!



Current, relevant podcasts are a savvy means to communicate who you are and what your company stands for to your audience in a detailed and controlled way. Your audience can learn a lot about you in just under an hour. Be sure to cross-promote your episodes by tweeting, and posting to your Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook communities to let your audience know you’ve released a new episode. You can even post a short reel or TikTok to your channel of a captivating segment to reel in potential listeners on social media and have them wanting more!

Podcasting or audio blogging is one of the most effective ways you can promote your brand and build a strong relationship with your audience. However, it is not always a real possibility for many brands due to a lack of skills, capacity, or resources. Having limitations doesn’t mean blogging can’t be a part of your content strategy.

The good news is you don’t have to be a professional to have a podcast. There are plenty of brands that hire agencies or freelancers to create their owned content. At Hoffmann Murtaugh, we are proud to work with brands to create podcasts, blogs, etc. that focus on their expertise. So no need to worry, you’re just one step away from stepping up your content game!