peso - paid, earned, shared, and owned media


Here at Hoffmann Murtaugh, we believe in the P+ESO approach, which focuses on complementing paid media strategies with earned, shared, and owned media tactics. Our proven approach brings all media channels together to effectively build a brand. When clients enable us to incorporate earned, shared, and owned media into strategy, planning, buying, measurement, and reporting, we can deliver an effective, cohesive, and optimal plan to them.

Over the years, we continued to see a need to encourage clients to evaluate all their channels. So, we built a team of experts to guide clients on how to unite their media channels and provide services to support and amplify our clients’ efforts. 

We believe that a P+ESO plan is the best way to capture your audience during the customer journey from awareness to conversion. We approach multi-channel marketing by layering in different tactics to ensure that all touchpoints throughout the funnel deliver the right content at the right time to move the audience into action. Creating the most effective plan for each of our clients also entails making sure that brand messaging is consistent across all channels. When all of these elements are at the forefront of your plan, you have an opportunity to tell your brand story.