Hoffmann Murtaugh offers a variety of services to make sure that all media channels are aligned, cohesive, and instrumental in working together to support our clients’ initiatives, brand, mission, and goals. Here are some ways we can help amplify your brand’s messaging: 

    • Content Marketing  
    • Social Media Strategy 
    • Social Media Audits, Platform Setups & Trainings   
    • Content Creation, Development & Assessment 
    • Public Relations Strategy Development & Support 
    • Proactive Earned Media Outreach  
    • Media Interview Preparation, Coordination & Guidance   
    • Crisis Communication Planning  

Hoffmann Murtaugh believes an integrated approach is the best way to capture your target audience during the customer journey from awareness to conversion. That integrated approach is customized and executed to clients’ specific goals using the PESO model.  

As paid, earned, shared, and owned media channels overlap and the lines of traditional and digital media blur more each day, we approach multi-channel marketing by developing a customized plan for our clients that layers different tactics for the most effective plan, ensuring to meet the needs and interests of target consumers. The PESO model, which brings all media together to build a brand, is the basis for our approach and helps drive our overall integrated strategy. 

What is P-E-S-O? 

The acronym PESO in marketing stands for paid, earned, shared, and owned media. While these categories all overlap in some respects, they encompass four distinct types of media: 

Paid media includes social media paid ads, digital video and streaming audio ads, radio and TV ads, billboards, native advertising, and myriad other ways a business can put money behind strategic, intentional advertising campaigns. Earned media is your traditional PR, including articles written about a company by an outside source, influencer partnerships, and even search engine optimization. Shared media is the newest kid on the block, consisting of messaging being shared on social media by both the brand and by others. It can be seen as a subset of owned media, as well. Owned media is essentially all of the content owned by the brand, such as a company blog, website, and social channels. 

Why is it important? 

When the earned, shared and owned channels are strategically utilized, the client and its overall media plan benefits. You need to have an ESO strategy in place if you want your business to succeed. Now more than ever, you must coordinate and diversify your efforts to build a successful brand. A strategic PESO plan uses all four elements to help build awareness, add credibility, and deliver the right content to the right audience. 

In 2020, 70% of companies have a ESO/content marketing strategy in place, with expected increases as time goes on. Improved web traffic, increased lead generation, and strengthened brand awareness are only the tip of the ESO iceberg. Your audience is there, too. People are spending way more time online, especially after most of us  transitioned to a remote work environment. Your audience is already spending nearly all day online, so it’s crucial to meet them where they are.  

It has never been more important for companies to have a well-rounded marketing strategy that can quickly adapt to change. In the current environment, it is imperative to have a digitally immersive website with excellent SEO, an engaging social presence, and a content strategy that will take the business to the next level in all channels. 

How Hoffmann Murtaugh uses it to amplify your brand’s strategy: 

With our progressive team at Hoffmann Murtaugh, we are constantly developing and growing. We also strive to help our clients do the same. We are always on the lookout for the next big trends in media marketing, including content marketing. Over four years ago, we began introducing our clients to the P-E-S-O model. We’ve continued to increase our services to help clients unite all media channels to not only work together but support and amplify the plan overall.  

For example, within the last year, we have expanded our services beyond paid and earned media. We now offer content marketing, content creation, social media strategy, planning, training, and execution, and more to help round out all channels and what they bring to the table to make a client’s overall plan work better for them! It is a coordinated effort among all channels that when working properly together strengthens brand recognition, reputation, partnerships, community engagement, leads and participation. It is important for all media channels to seamlessly integrate and work together. 

Our approach and execution remains holistic, assertive, customer-focused, and data-driven to build a customized, integrated media plan for clients.  

We are a pioneer in the media marketing industry, offering and embracing more integrated solutions for clients as resources became available. As the media climate shifts rapidly, we view multi-platforms and its growth as an opportunity for a more efficient and effective plan for our clients instead of a challenge to hurdle over. We focus less on the “what worked in the past” and instead work harder to understand client specific challenges and find the best opportunities.  

What differentiates Hoffmann Murtaugh from other agencies is the way we unite all media channels to not only work together, but also support and amplify the strategic plan overall. As the needs of our clients and consumers have developed alongside the resources of the growing media climate, we recognized the importance of ESO early and worked to educate our clients on the power of this model and offer the service to help utilize it. 

So, how do you feel your company’s ESO efforts stack up? It’s a huge task to take on alone, so reach out to us to learn how we can help you create a media strategy that works. (And be on the lookout for our social channels as we rev up our own ESO and content marketing strategies.)