What Our Brand Means To Us

by Jess Mannering

Hoffmann Murtaugh was born in 2004, when Shea Murtaugh left her corporate job to start her own business. Sixteen years later, HM is one of the fastest growing integrated marketing agencies in Western Pennsylvania. From humble beginnings, we now have our headquarters in Pittsburgh with offices in Cleveland, Rochester, and Harrisburg. We’re a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and we’re proud to say we’re continuing the explosive growth we saw in 2020. 

Our team has a collective experience that spans various industries and media disciplines, with expertise in a wide array of targets, markets, product lines, and campaigns for national and local clients alike. Essentially, this means two things: We know how to navigate the competitive and fragmented media landscape, and we have the team, experience, and tools in place to ensure success. 

With that thought in mind, over the years, we have worked tirelessly to build our own brand and project it outward to not only our clients, but the entire marketing/advertising community. As a team, we banded together to define what our brand truly means to us. Below, you will see a word cloud that highlights some of the most important aspects of what we believe our brand to be. 

Taking a Deep Dive into Hoffmann Murtaugh’s Brand 

Hoffmann Murtaugh was built on the sole passion for serving our clients. While 2020 was a year that was proven to be incredibly challenging for many brands, HM thrived. Since we have always been set up virtually, the current state of the global pandemic allowed us to continue business as (mostly) usual.

However, many companies weren’t that lucky. Simply, this proved that our processes workWe became stronger as a company, and it allowed us to focus on helping our clients adapt to their new sense of normalcy. Ithe unpredictable state of the world, we can be relied on to get the job done, regardless of the circumstances. Essentially, working with us can provide you with a sense of safety. 

Although, getting the job done isn’t a onewoman show. As previously mentioned, we have an immensely bright team within our agency spanning various industries and media disciplines. Not only does this make our scope of work diverse, but it also encourages collaboration across teams and promotes unity. 

We pride ourselves on our dedication to authenticity, honesty, and transparency. Essentially, this means open communication not only among our employees but outward to our clients. Communication lines are always inclusive, meaning all parties are encouraged to engage in the conversation and share their ideas freely. Furthermore, our responsiveness is always promised to be at the top of our priority list. This also means that we believe our employees are quite nimble. 

Our professional work is very thorough. As one of the top Western Pennsylvania ad agencies, our approach combines media strategy and intelligence with formidable negotiations to deliver smart, efficient, and customized media solutions to our clients. We provide complete communications planning and activation across all traditional and emerging channels. You could say we’re incredibly detailed. Thus, the end result of our communications planning is sure to be impactful, proactive, and innovative. 

As a team that is progressive, we are constantly developing and growing. We also strive to help our clients do the same. With that being said, we are always on the lookout for the next big trends in media marketing, including content marketing. Over four years ago, we began introducing our clients to the P-E-S-O (paid, earned, shared, owned) model which brings all media together to build a brand. Keeping that thought in mind, we’ve continued to increase our services to help clients unite all media channels to not only work together but support and amplify the plan overall. Our approach and execution is holistic, assertive, customer-focused, and data-driven to build a custom and integrated media plan for clients. 

As paid, earned, shared, and owned media channels (PESO) overlap and the traditional and digital lines blur more every day, we approach multi-channel marketing by developing a custom plan for our clients based on where target consumers are, layering different tactics for the most effective plan. We focus less on what worked in the past and work hard to understand specific challenges and find the best opportunities for clients. For example, just in the last year, we have expanded our services beyond paid and earned media. We now offer content marketing, content creation, social media strategy, planning, training, and execution, and more to help round out all channels and what they bring to the table to make a client’s overall plan work better for them! 

To add to our holistic approach to media, we also know that measurement and optimization of media campaigns are not just a nice to have but a necessity. We believe that all media, including television, should be tracked, and optimized based on key performance indicators (KPIs) that are set for each of our clients. Because of this, we use a response management system. This allows us to see exactly when TV spots air and how those spots are affecting the overall response for the brand.

Additionally, we can see TV spot displacement in real time and ensure make goods happen the next day. Our system links directly to spot encoding software and Google Analytics to show where television, radio, and even print are amplifying digital response. This tool allows us to link traditional media to phone calls and digital outcomes and provides a full picture of how each tactic interacts and affects the response of another. These informative data points are then showcased through other visualization platforms to tell the campaign story. This allows us to see when optimizations need to be made and the visuals assist our team in providing deep insights and recommendations for future campaigns. 

We are proud of where we are and how hard we’ve worked to get here. Although it is important to note that we are constantly evolving and working to become the best we can possibly be. We cannot wait to see where the future of Hoffmann Murtaugh takes us.